Welcome at the ALC - Audio, Light & Concept website !

Although the festival-season "stertches out" more and more over time,
the last festivals are finally behind us...
'Gent Rockt' and 'Rock Ternat' beginning of October as final acts of the season.

And with them we tend to move "indoors" , as we did in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands),
where no one less than Queen Beatrix attended the 130 years jubilee
of the 'Royal Association 'het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek' on a marvelous show.

Let's see if we can greet Her Majesty as well in Rotterdam, 
where traditionally ALC takes care of the  'Christmas Circus', covering a period of two weeks.

Please take your time to explore our website ;
the ALC Productions, the ALC Truss Engineering division, the Concept & Design section, etc .

You can always sign in for our 4-monthly newsletter as well.

Kind regards,
The ALC Team


Euromillions Groove City
21 november
Brussels Kart Expo (B)

Het Friese Paard
23 en 24 oktober
WTC expo Leeuwarden (NL)

Rock Ternat festival
9 en 10 oktober
Ternat (B)

Gent Rockt  festival
19 september
Mariakerke  (B)

12-13 september
Porto - Portugal

ROCK ONE festival
5-8 augustus
Formule1 circuit Algarve
Portimão - Portugal

Media Tech 2009
Advanced Technology Trade Fair
23 - 25 juli
Johannesburg - South Africa

Super Bock Super Rock festival
11 juli
Oporto (P)
18 juli
Lissabon (P)

  Rock Herk
17 - 18 juli
Herk de Stad (BE)
Folk & Jazz Festival
11 & 12 juli
Brussel Groentheater  (BE)
Dance Valley 2009
11 juli
Amsterdam - Spaarnwoude  (NL)
Optimus Alive!09
8 - 11 juli
Lisbon (P)
Kylie Minogue
4 juli
Lissabon - Pavillon (P)

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