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ALC Truss Engineering offers the entertainment industry a unique product-range when it comes to trussing systems.

Our product philosophy is based on :

  • Item-restriction (the maximal on applications by using a minimum on assorted items)
  • volume-restriction (trusses are able to be stacked, resulting in a gain in up to 60% in warehouse-and truck space)
  • handling-efficiency (The users point of view is taken into consideration from the very start of the design process)
  • safety/service (Saftey comes before creativity. No purchase without product training)

ALC Truss Engineering's main focus is on the versatile S-60 series.
The S-60 serie is a  unique, heavy-duty, stackable triangular-trussing system.

The uniqueness starts at the very basis with the choise of the aluminum :
To enable the stackability of the trussing system, a special, reinforced alloy is used.
( more).


Through the sub links at the left or top (truss engineering), you will find out all about the ALC Truss products.


Download ALC Truss introduction presentation
(MS powerpoint)  : click here










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