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ALC Truss Engineering developed a range of accessories to support compact line-array speaker systems, like the L-Acoustics KIVA and dV-DOSC systems, in order to simplify transport and cut setup times on production.






The KITT combines both transport and rigging of the KIVA cluster.
Each cluster is to be transported in an individual transporter system. 2 transporters are designed to be merged during transport to form one transporter. (dimensions are 120 x 80 x 200cm (d x w x h).

Once on the job, the transporter splits into it's left & right setups and each dolly transforms into a separate rigging tower (max. rigging height up to 5m) in no-time. A manual winch lifts your cluster to the required height. 

Both indoor and outdoor use is possible (outdoor use requires the stacking of subs on the basis as counterweight).

Rigging bumpers can stay attached to the cluster during transport.
A full pre-cabling of the system is possible as well.

click here for further info (pdf-file).



The dV-DOSC transporter allows the transportation of a maximum of 9 dV-DOSC cabinets, and will save you a lot of time during the setup.
The standard version transports 6 dV cabinets; rotation of the top part by 180° and adding 2 extra couplers will convert the transporter easily in its 9 dV setup.

Basic dimensions of the transporter :

6 dV setup : 100 x 80 x 180 cm (l x b x h)
9 dV setup : 100 x 80 x 240 cm (l x b x h)

Main advantages :

- pre-cabling of dV cluster during transport
- storage space for pins and angles
- fast angle adjustment (by one person)
with the included lever hoist
- black powder-coating finish
- bump2 or T-DV-BU (see below) bumper
  stays attached during transport
- space for dV-DOWN during transport

click here for pdf-file download.

Adjustments to house other speaker systems are also possible, as for the Martin W8LM system, resulting in the T-LM-18 transporter system (max. 8 cabinets).
Transporter ground surface of 90x80cm in this case.



A lightweight bumper (aluminium) with the same characteristics as the original bump2 but with an extra pick point for that extra tilt at the back of the extension bar.
Net weight : 15kg









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